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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Room Update, Yet Again

It's yet again time for another classroom update.

Why the need for so may changes in one year?

First, the grade change is definitely one reason. As I meet each new unit of the year, I realize that I have to shift the room organization a bit more to meet the teaching/learning needs of the unit.

Next, I think fifth graders change a lot during the school year. Their growth in size, needs, and attitudes is amazing. They start out as young elementary school students and morph into middle school students throughout the year.  They keep demanding room change and more space.

After that, our school has added some nice new furniture to make students more comfortable so I have to make room for the Hoki stools and stand-up desk.

And our mid-year team talk pointed to the need for a creativity space as well, and many of the administrators from our school system will descend on our school to observe the teaching/learning so like any good host, I want to clean up the classroom for the visit.

So I'll wear my comfy "furniture moving" clothes today as I prep for another room revamp. Onward.