Thursday, January 22, 2015

Putting Closure on the Week to Make Room for Educon 2.7

A creative child is building a cardboard village in the back of the classroom. He's made houses, people, vehicles, and more. Not only is he crafting the village, but he's also creating a complex story that matches the community he's making. Amazing.

Another child is creating K'Nex inventions that have all kinds of capabilities. Each day he improves his inventions. At the end of the day, I couldn't get the two boys to leave as they were having too much fun sharing their inventions and creations in the quiet afterschool classroom. I was entertained by their play and happy that they have the space, materials, and time to create.

It was a busy classroom week of report card writing, computation practice, fraction bars creation, PARCC professional learning, and student coaching. There was current events discussions too as a classroom conversation including the Patriots' game and after events, local news, and the police officer singing a Taylor Swift song which brought laughter.

Next week we'll continue our fraction study, learn about energy from an NStar presentation, enjoy a chorus concert, and continue with English Language Arts study and multiple specials. The year is continuing to be a successful year, and the more I know my students and standards' expectations, the better I'm able to meet their needs.

The weekend will find me at Educon 2.7. Rather than thinking of the day-to-day, I'll be focused on the future including the areas I want to learn more about and share with colleagues. I look forward to this mind-stretch and the chance to learn with so many dedicated, thoughtful educators.