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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Prepping for Educon 2.7

Every time I go to Educon I have a slightly different focus.

This year my focus is one of listener.

I want to hear what educators have to say.

I'll be listening for trends with regard to the following topics:
  • Teaching and serving every child well.
  • The best ways to use our voices in the schoolhouse, teaching/learning organizations, on social media, and elsewhere.
  • How schools near and far are the same and different--what issues do we share and what issues demonstrate dramatic difference.
  • The intersection of education and politics--what choices can I make as an educator and citizen to forward positive education for all children in our country and world?
  • Education research: what's happening in the world of education and beyond that I need to to learn more about and become more attuned to.
  • Younger voices: What do new educators have to say about schools, what is their perspective?
I don't expect to share much this year unless asked. I've shared a lot online and people typically know what I think and what I'm doing. So this year I want to listen and take it all in.

I'm bringing my best friend, my husband Mike, this year, and I'm looking forward to taking in some of the informal events that surround Educon with him since I've heard about the lively share that happens at those events which sound like fun.

As always I'm grateful to Chris Lehmann and the Science Leadership Academy for sponsoring this terrific teaching/learning event each year, an event that always serves to forward the work I do with children.