Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Post Snow Days

I erred the day before the snowstorm..

Students arrived with snowstorms in their bellies all a flutter at the impending storm and days off from school.

Children seem to mirror the weather in their spirit and activity, and Monday demonstrated that fact. They were like popcorn jumping from their seats, hiding in the coat rack, and playfully bantering with one another.

Why did I continue the plans as usual--a semi-structured math activity?

Instead I should have said, "Turn that snow energy into creativity--make something. Write poem, construct a snow house, script a play, or sculpt." But instead I persisted and they resisted.

Tomorrow I'll learn from my error. When they arrive after two days of snow play, I'll say make a choice--write about your snow day, draw a picture, play a game, or make another choice that fits your spirit. That will give them time to share the Blizzard of 2015 excitement.  I'll listen and respond kindly. I'll support their needs and respond to questions.

Later we'll listen to our wonderful chorus sing, and then we'll play for a long time on our large, snowy playground.

After that we'll resume our math study and creation with words of encouragement.

It will be a good day :)