Monday, January 26, 2015

Post Educon: Back to Reality

After a weekend of BIG ideas, it's time to get back to real time teaching and learning.

What's the focus?

Mainly, we're really digging into the fraction unit with lots of model making, analysis, and problem solving. We're integrating multiple tools to make meaning of the many standards included in this study.

There's also a lot of creativity emerging right now so we'll likely spend some time organizing our STEAM supplies again to prepare for that creativity.

We're reviewing science concepts and vocabulary with crossword puzzles, and later we'll investigate these concepts with more hands-on activities.

Students will be bringing in their showcase portfolio binders. We'll prep those for the March parent(s)-student-teacher conferences. Students will lead those conferences.

And yes, we need to prep for SNOW. Students will have to gather all their snow gear and I suspect that after the storm we'll have some playtime outside.

Finally, team. Since I've been out, we need to connect as a learning team to answer questions, make sure we have the important activities on the agenda, and to list other needs, wants, and desires for the teaching/learning days to come. Onward.