Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Forward Movement: Response to Intervention (RTI) Efforts

Our RTI efforts continue to develop in positive ways.

Since our initial work one summer with the dynamic speaker and educator, Austin Buffum, we have come a long way.

There are many reasons why I'm a fan of the work done so far:
  • The work is focused on teaching all children well.
  • The work fosters excellent collegial process, discussion, and learning as we think deeply about how to teach each child well.
  • The work prompts greater creativity with regard to programming.
  • The work has targeted the roles of the  educators involved with greater detail and impact.
  • Children are happier because they are getting the kind of teaching they need in specific curriculum areas.
  • The work helps us to reach the CCSS standards with strength and personalization.
This week administrators will join our Professional Learning Community (PLC) discussion about our RTI efforts in math.

We've organized the data, determined the discussion process, and created an agenda.

We also created a couple of new assessments to provide up-to-date formative data to inform our work on Friday.

I have written many posts with regard to RTI. At some point, I'll cluster those posts together and reread the entire story, but for now consider this an effort that is moving in a positive direction when it comes to teaching all students well.