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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Evidence of Good Teaching/Learning?

After an eventful first week back to school, I'm looking forward to a week of focused classroom attention next week.

The goal will be to produce evidence of good teaching/learning.

First, students will complete math writing projects that compare and contrast the four math operations. In this effort students will employ the SRSD strategy they've learned, use the TIDE acronym, include writer's craft, and clearly compare and contrast the operations with a third grade audience in mind.

Evidence of good teaching/learning will be the production of a high-quality essay by each child or student team. "High quality" includes the following specific attributes:
  • Creative title that draws the reader's attention.
  • Clear introduction that grabs the reader's attention, introduces the big idea, and provides a road map to what the essay will say.
  • Three paragraphs that include important ideas and examples which help the reader to understand how the four operations are similar and different. These paragraphs will include evidence of writer's craft such as simile, metaphor, adjectives, strong verbs, and possibly quotes.
  • An ending paragraph that sums up the main idea of the paragraph and gives the reader something to think about. 
  • The essay will include the use of linking words, good grammar, correct spelling, and correct punctuation.
Next students' at-home practice and some in-class review will prepare them for the end-of-the week facts and computation assessments--assessments that will help us to plan teaching/learning groups for our next response to intervention effort. 

In addition, with regard to a number of skill building activities, I'll work to coach individual students with apt strategies. 

I'm looking forward to a week of student service, but now it's time for a weekend reprieve and family. Stay tuned.