Sunday, January 25, 2015

Educon Prompts Focus

The sea of ideas is evident at Educon. Multiple educators sharing numerous ideas. This share storm like a summer rain nurtures our teaching/learning, and it also prompts one to think about focus, direction, need, and result.

We can't do it all.

We can't be it all.

And good teaching requires focus, dedication, investment, and attention to the day-to-day details that matter.

As I listened, participated, and observed educators yesterday, I found myself thinking about focus. I was a bit dismayed at the large number of engaged educators who are leaving the classroom and schools to start new businesses or organizations and consult. Yet, I believe individuals have to follow their calling and interest, and there's a need for good consultants and businesses that support and develop education. I was similarly dismayed by those outside of education that want a "quick fix" rather than a deep, respectful conversation about the work we do and the needs of the children we serve.

As for me, the focus is to deepen and improve the work I do with students and resulting collegial discussion, development, and share. Zack Brisson, one of Friday night's panelist, gave me a few minutes of his time yesterday and explained his company's process when it comes to doing good work and making change. It's actually a process I can use in the classroom and school to both improve the work I do, share more effectively with my teaching/learning team, and organize efforts for further share with my PLN.

Today at Educon, I'll further collect and connect ideas in this regard as I engage in the activities outlined in the agenda to the right.