Monday, December 15, 2014

Starting the New Year in Math by Bridging Concepts

I continue to use this learning path as a guide, but as usual, every learning experience is taking more time than I intended.

First, we'll review all the operations and computation work we've been doing in December with an operations writing exercise and computation practice in-class and homework packet. Students will be reassessed with regard to these skills to inform our next RTI protocol, division.

Next, we'll make fraction bars.

After that, I'll introduce the fractions unit by bridging the unit with past measurement, algebraic thinking, and computation units using this activity packet. The work will begin with whole class discussion and conversation, and end each day with collaborative work.

Then students will create a fractions, decimal, and percent chart using Google docs and table.

These activities will also serve to bridge fourth grade fraction learning to the start of fifth grade concepts.
Example of Google fraction bar.

We'll then move through each remaining standard with a simple format in order to introduce all standards prior to the February and March assessments. Just before the February assessment we'll review all standards with a gameshow format.

After that we'll move back to the second fraction unit, geometry, and measurement to study and learn with greater depth and PBL. At this time we'll integrate science study with more depth too.