Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sony Cyber Attack: Thoughts

The Sony Cyber Attack frightened me.

I was frightened because I know how small matters can turn into big, senseless events if not tended to well.

We see that throughout history.

I also understand that many governments around the world operate with different values than our own so it's difficult to understand how one country or another may react to events.

I've been listening to the news.

I'm not an expert at political affairs and I don't know all the details involved.

What I do know though is that there's a lot of creative energy involved in the entire situation, and I'm wondering how that creative energy could have been used to create betterment in our world rather than a huge time-consuming affair that doesn't seem to be doing anybody any good.

We're a tightly interconnected world now.

What we do in one country resounds in another.

How we treat one people affects how the people near and dear to us are treated.

To me, this is a delicate matter, and I hope the people, companies, and governments involved will move forward with care and the best interests of the common individual in mind.