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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Online Learning Menu: Response to Intervention

This is what the That Quiz report looks like. The blank spaces
indicate test results that were deleted so students could retake
the quiz after some targeted teaching and review. 
I have a large group during our Response to Intervention (RTI) time. The students in the group are meeting grade-level standards, and I'm tailoring an online menu for their two 30-minute RTI times each week.

We have the use of an outside computer lap and laptops in the classroom so there's enough tech for everyone.

I list the menu on the class website, and students go to the menu and get started.  I review multiple data points to make the decision about what to do each day.

For example, this morning as students worked with a substitute teacher they moved through a series of videos and follow-up That Quiz tests.  When I got home tonight, I looked over the data.  I noticed that a number of students had trouble with the rounding exercise and the squares and cubes exercise. I'll review the key errors with the whole class and then I'll keep those students in the classroom near me to re-do those tests. I'll provide help as needed.

As far as the others, those who did well on all of today's exercises, I've created a new learning path that extends from place value practice with Khan Academy to Operations learning and practice also with Khan to a final choice of Khan Academy Programming for those who have mastered all the grade-level skills.

Students are used to the routine. There's little time lost, lots of coaching, and targeted help.  During this time other teachers are working with small groups of students with targeted needs, interests, and skills--work that has been targeted from data collection, observation, and standards-based goals.

To date, students are engaged and getting lots of targeted intervention. We're on a good path with RTI.