Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Paths of Living and Learning: Internet Exploration

As we age we hold on to traditions, routines, and ways of thinking.

There are so many new ways to live, work, and ponder today though that it's worth challenging your old think with a day of online exploration.

I did a bit of that today.

Thanks to +Jason Pollock I had the chance to listen to the Azealia Banks interview which brought me into worlds I know little about. I was very interested in the interview as I am curious about the path to greatness in the arts, voices of women, and our cultural response to diversity. I know that often artists go through a period of great rebellion as they bring their vision and voice to the world, and I believe this interview may reflect that.

The Azealia Banks' interview introduced me to a musician, Rachelle Farrell,  I never heard of, and want to listen to and investigate more.

Another tweet by the artist +Tim Needles showed me that I can listen to Saturday Night Live easily through YouTube. I can imagine clicking on a comedy sketch when I need a laugh.

The way we live and work is changing.  There's so many new avenues for learning, exploration, and entertainment.

As educators it's important to keep up with this changing landscape, one that allows us to hear more voices, understand more people, and broaden our work and lens for teaching well.

How have your daily habits changed with the onset of so many venues?  What new routines have you added or changed in light of this?  Amazing potential exists.