Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ways to Invigorate Tech Use in Schools

There are many ways to invigorate tech use in your teaching/learning environment. In our school, we fortunately have many of these processes and structures in place.
  • Regular share of tech updates, accomplishments, use, and future plans.
  • A up-to-date, inviting, accessible website of engaging, empowering, educational tech tools.
  • Room for student/teacher choice and voice.
  • The use of inclusive tech--the kind of tech where students "see themselves" in the platform. 
  • Easy systems of updating, adding, modifying, and deleting tools based on need and interest.
  • Wireless printing and connections wherever possible.
  • Tech devices for all educators and students.
  • A diverse palette of the best tech tools available: laptops, tablets, hand-held devices. . . .
  • Ready access to headphones and other equipment that assist ready, productive tech tools
  • Differentiated professional learning related to tech equipment, tools, programs, protocols, blended learning, and more.
  • Inclusivity with respect to the development of rules, protocols, discussion, and debate. Decision making that includes students, families, educators, leaders, and community members.
  • Beta testing new tools, working with inventors and other tech experts, and field studies to tech-related companies and sites.
  • Growth that replicates the ongoing conversation-like, give-and-take development process that most organizations are beginning to embrace.
  • A willingness to discuss, embrace, and debate tough issues.
  • The ability for students to bring in and use their own devices at school.
  • Flexible, facile infrastructure.
  • Continued reading, implementation, and share of up-to-date research.
  • Shared protocols and similar expectations, access for all staff, students--equal access, use. 
This list is just a start, what would you add, enrich, or modify. I'll continue to review and hone this list in the days ahead.