Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Apt Systems for Protocols, Policy, and Process

As an employee, I have many rules to follow.

It's difficult to keep all those rules in mind, yet there's reference lists to look at for reminders.

With regard to rules, however, I have the following ideas.

Add the Date to Rule and Protocol Lists
Often rule lists change without notice, and sometimes rule lists are not dated. That makes it difficult to know if you're up to date or not with the latest edit, change, modification, or enrichment. I suggest that all rule lists have similar format, dates, and update notices.

Organize Rules and Protocols in One Place
I believe it's advantageous for organizations to have a one-stop-place for rules and protocols. A website would serve this need well. The website would include introductory documents such as mission/vision statements, yearly goals, and more. Then the pages would include updates to specific rule and protocol lists.

Explicitly Introduce and Invite Discussion Related to Rules and Protocols
Modern day online programs typically have a section for user questions, ideas, and notes. This serves the community of users well and helps to develop programs with inclusivity and the best ideas. System-wide rules and protocol sites could have a similar spot for clarification, questions, discussion, and response. This would help to create clarity, understanding, and development of policies in ways that matter.

When organizations have common goals, protocols, and understanding, there is positive development. When those rules and protocols are shared in accessible ways and updated regularly to reflect the voice and response of the entire learning/teaching community, the chance for system-wide development is increased and enriched.