Friday, November 28, 2014

When You Find a Voice That Speaks to You

I seek inspiration and truth as I am finding my way in this world. Like so many, I am finding a way to do my work well and live a good life.

The path to good teaching is not often easy. There are many questions, choices, and directions to choose from. Yet, you do your best every day to do the job well, and sometimes you misstep, err, and make mistakes along the way.  You right yourself and continue the path.

There are many in your midst online and offline to lend a hand, direct, and share the journey with. Then once in a while a voice comes along that rightly challenges you, speaks to your heart, and has the words you've been longing to hear. That happened to me yesterday when John Chase @getwhatugive tweeted me with his post. His intersection of wonderful words and beautiful music and images captured my attention, challenged me, and led me forward. Thanks John!

If you're curious, I recommend you take a look at John's blog too. It's likely he'll capture your attention too.