Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mapping the Year: Mid Year Review

It was difficult to map a year this summer with a grade change and new curriculum.  Now that the year is well established, it's much easier to look ahead to the year's important learning/teaching events.

  • Place Value Exercises, Assessment
  • Hour of Code Operations Animations
  • Operations: Computation "boot camp" Teaching, Review: Students helping Students
  • Earth and Space Science: Facts and Figures
  • Prep Simple Machines, STEAM, and Science Visitor Events for Spring
  • Prep Fractions Unit 
  • Prep Ted Talk Science Effort
  • Fractions continued
  • Science Ted Talk Project: Students choose questions, create learning path, research, write speeches, prepare Google headline/image presentation, and practice, practice, practice. 
  • Fractions continued
  • Science Ted Talk Project continued
  • Geometry: couple days review 
  • PARCC Test #1 ELA
  • Science Ted Talk Project
  • Simple Machines Project
  • Visiting Scientists
  • PARCC Test #1 Math
  • STEAM 
  • Simple Machines: K'Nex Project
  • Marble Maze Building Project
  • Biography Project
  • Science MCAS Prep
  • STEAM 
  • Simple Machines
  • Biography Project
  • PARCC #2
  • MCAS Science
  • Portfolios
  • End-of-Year Special Events
In addition, we'll embed the STEAM stars picture book biographies as we can.