Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hour of Code: Start with SCRATCH

In speaking with a colleague from another school about the hour of code this morning, she asked me to give her 10 simple steps that she could share with her students at an open computer time next week.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to SCRATCH:
2. Click "create"
3. Click "costumes"
4. Create your avatar--play around with the features to edit or make a new avatar.
5. Click "scripts" - those are your "instructions"
6. Click "events"
7. Move this button to the right.

8. Then click "motion"
9. Choose a motion and move it to the right.
10. Choose more motions and move to the right.
11. Test it out by clicking the green flag.
12. Play some more--make an animation.

Note 1: You will learn this best by playing with it. You can't "break it" so try things out.

Note 2: To repeat, SCRATCH is best learned by playing.

Note 3: There's lots of YouTube videos and other resources available to teach you on the SCRATCH website when you're ready for more. Just Google it.