Saturday, November 01, 2014

Deepening the PLC Conversation: At-Risk Math Students

At our PLC (Professional Learning Community) meeting this week, the team agreed to try a new process to deepen the conversation related to at-risk students in math.

Together the team that includes special educators, coaches, and classroom teachers posed a number of questions to lead the discussion.

When we meet next week, we'll spend the first ten minutes crowdsharing ideas on a Google doc, then we'll split up the remaining time so that each person at the table has a chance to share their thoughts or pose their questions related to the topic.

I've participated in a similar process with online share, but I've never tried this process out in real time.  I'm hoping that it results in learning for all so that each of us leaves the meeting with a host of new ideas for teaching at-risk math students with greater strength as well as new questions to research and ponder.

Has your team tried this process? If so, how did it go? And, what other processes are you using for deepening the conversation at PLC's.  I'm curious and look forward to your ideas.