Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blended Science, ELA, and Math: Earth and Space Science Study

We'll use this learning path model to lead our study.
During December we'll study Earth and Space Sciences.

During this study, we'll integrate math operations and place value study to give students a relative understanding of size related to the planets and other Earth and science facts and concepts.

How will we do this?

I'll begin the unit by modeling the use of the learning path model and essential unit questions.

Then, we'll study how to write numbers in many ways as we consider the length of a year for the planets in our solar system.

After that, we'll consider those same numbers together as we practice the fifth grade place value and rounding standards.

Each focus will be matched with related informational videos.

During the "Hour of Code" Week students will have the opportunity to choose Tynker, SCRATCH,, Khan Academy and perhaps other coding sources to code a short math operations/solar system animation.

Also during that week, students will practice traditional operations using Earth and space science word problems.

Finally, we'll return to the unit essential questions and write informational essays that answer each question. We'll use the system-wide adopted SRSD approach and TIDE mnemonic.

As the unit unfolds, I'll continue to add to this post. Think of this as the framework for the December study.