Monday, November 10, 2014

21st Century Classroom: Job List

Students and I came up with a list of classroom jobs today. I always hold off on classroom jobs until the year gets rolling. Does this list look like your classroom list?  If not, what are we missing?

Classroom Jobs and Responsibilities
Our class belongs to the students. The teacher is there to help everyone learn well. It's the responsibility of the teachers and students to create and contribute to a happy, successful learning community. The teacher will meet with each job crew periodically during lunch to discuss and plan for the work ahead. 

Class Managers
Manage the morning routine including attendance, lunch count, and morning work.

Creates and posts signs that inspire, teach, and remind the classroom of important information and ideas.

Kindergarten Bulletin Board and Buddy Managers
Create the bulletin board which showcases our 5th-K buddies, and works with kindergarten and 5th grade teacher to manage the K-5 buddy activities.

Student Council
Attends student council meetings and reports back to the class.

Service Learning Display
Manages school-wide service learning display of photos and information related to students who managed service learning events and the the titles of those events.

Film Crew
Films and records class films beginning with our Winter Science Ted Talks Project.

Organizes and arranges books in classroom library.

Math Tutors
Help students who request help in math.

STEAM Center
Organize and arrange STEAM Center supplies. Help plan and prepare for class STEAM activities.

Gold Star Manager(s)
Keeps track of our class Gold Star points (school points for doing the right thing).

Tech Crew
Manages all classroom tech equipment.

Class Climate Team
Makes sure that the class weather is bright, and works towards keeping our class a positive, happy, and great place to be.

Fun Team
Plan fun events for the class because "all work and no play. . ." will make us dull.

Class Design Team
Works to design the classroom for optimal learning and community.

Cushion "Cop"
Makes sure that everyone gets their day with the comfy chairs and cushions.

New Tech Tools Explore Team
Introduce the class to new tech tools that are great for learning and fun.

Teacher Assistant(s)
Assists the teacher with all kinds of classroom activities such as delivering notes, organizing learning materials, and other important jobs.

Class Organization
Helps to keep all areas of the classroom organized.

There's always room for other jobs. Students just need to let the teacher know what we need.