Saturday, October 25, 2014

Prepping Unit Two: 5th Grade Math Operations and Powers of Ten

We spent the first couple of months at school reviewing mathematical thinking and problem solving related to algebraic thinking. Students created the number quilt, used order of operations to evaluate and interpret expressions, inequalities, and equations, graphed ordered pairs on coordinate grids, analyzed results, studied measurement conversions, and took a large number of assessments.

Now we're ready for unit two which focuses on mathematical operations and powers of ten. How will I tackle this unit using what I know about the students, the multiple tools and materials available, and the time for math teaching and learning.

First, I'll complete the Khan Academy exercises related to the standards included in this unit. I really like the way that those exercises help you to experience the standards in a deep way including models, vocabulary, and problem solving.

As I complete the Khan exercises, I'll think about my students and how I might bring this knowledge to them in dynamic, blended ways including video, model making, problem solving, writing, and creation. I'd like to engage the students in movie making since I know that's a rich way to learn the curriculum. Last year, I made the movie above. I'll share that as an example, but I'm sure their content films will be much more interesting, entertaining, and child-friendly.

After that step-by-step we'll move through the unit applying the algebraic thinking, number knowledge, and measurement conversions we learned in the past unit as well as new strategies and knowledge

There's lots of work to do in order to prep this unit with strength, and the first job is to shore up my own understanding of the material.