Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Reflections: Grade 5

It's Halloween which means that it's sure to be an spirited day in the classroom.

Fortunately, our Friday schedule is a good match for such cheer.

Family members are bringing in a healthy, special morning snack for the holiday, and children will practice coordinate grids and problem solving with a festive fall theme.

The week's deep focus on the measurement conversion standards taught me a lot about my learners as well as how to navigate the math road as we embark on all the standards related to place value

We'll continue to incorporate lots of measurement conversions and problem solving into the next unit. I still have to work on making the material accessible to my most challenged learners--the reach is still too steep which can be discouraging, so the goal for me as their teacher is to scaffold the material better so they don't get discouraged and so they can learn the material.  Just writing the challenge down makes it more manageable and approachable.

Next week will bring a continued strong focus on math learning with the addition of a special all day science event on Tuesday.  The students and I are really getting to know each other know which means the learning is getting better. I like that!

Happy Halloween!