Friday, October 17, 2014

Classroom Design: What Matters

For every grade and every program, an ideal classroom design will look different.

What matters to one group of children and one program differs from another group of children and another program.

Since elementary school teachers change grades at times, it's difficult to part with objects and books that fit one grade's curriculum, when you move to another grade. Yet, there's often not the space to store multiple grades' materials in one classroom.

So today, I'll purge keeping only the most essential items including some beloved books, craft and building supplies, paper, pens, and pencils, the wooden bookcase, one supply cabinet and some plastic bins. The rest of the materials will be rolled away to be shared with anyone who wants them.

What my group needs most of all this year is space, attention, technology, optimal learning experiences, time to collaborate, wonderful stories, problem solving, and creative pursuits.

What I need most are a few learning/teaching supplies, a few beloved books, my easels, document camera (such an amazing invention), and computer.

As mentioned earlier, it will be great to have the additional space.