Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Caines Arcade" Alive at Our School

Students have been working for a few weeks on their Global Cardboard Challenge projects.

Then today, on the playground, they had a chance to share their imaginative cardboard arcade games with the whole school during recess.

Children from K-5 lined up to play all kinds of wonderful games made by the fifth graders.

Students ran the entire event from ticket sales, to booth management, and more. Earlier, they decided to donate the proceeds from the event to a service learning project. They even cleaned up at the end of the day.

I must say that the Cardboard Challenge was a bigger project than I expected. As my colleague who also participated in the Challenge said, "I thought it would take an afternoon." But no, negotiating a project with friends and then figuring out how to make it and what to make it with takes time, lots of time. It also takes collaboration, planning, project design, trial and error, and more.

There's no way I could have managed this project by myself. I have many to thank including the following:
  • Of course the children who carried the project from start to finish.
  • Then my partner teacher who was always open minded and supportive of the project--amazing!
  • Gentle Giant Moving Company who donated 10 big boxes for the project. 
  • Families who sent in all kinds of supplies. 
  • School colleagues, the principal, and students who supported the project.
  • Caine and the Imagination Foundation who inspired us with their wonderful creativity, awesome films, and website.
  • My Twitter PLN where I heard about the idea in the first place.
We all learned a lot from this project--learning we'll apply to future project work and creative endeavors.  The project served to build community too--we're a tighter team after this, and that's terrific.

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