Friday, October 17, 2014

A Planner's Dilemma

Life in school is always changing for so many reasons.

This can be troublesome to a planner like me. I like to stay ahead of the game lining up my lessons and teaching strategies. There's no problem when it comes to shifting and changing to meet students' needs as I have that factored in, but I often find challenge when the outside world encroaches on the lessons and learning hindering the continuity.

Yet, life happens, and planners have to have another plan for the unexpected, the add-on, the last minute change, because it does happen.

Perhaps a good plan is knowing that there's few challenges or changes that one can't meet, and if there's a real reason for not being able to meet the challenge, well so be it--a challenge unmet.

One reality of school life is that students are not the only learners. Planners like me are continually learning too. Onward.