Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Why I'm Voting for Charlie Baker for Governor

I've never voted for a Republican before for a major political office.

But this year, I'm voting for Charlie Baker.

I hesitate to publicly announce my vote since I'm a member of the MTA, the Massachusetts Teachers Association. I'm also a supporter of unions and the work they do to protect freedom of speech, a freedom that helps all educators serve their students well.  We need our unions to do our jobs well.

Yet, I saw first-hand what Charlie Baker did for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care as one of my family members worked there when he was in charge. He was a people-centered, smart, creative, and thoughtful leader. He built team, investment, and care. I want that kind of leadership for our State.

I also want a leader who will think carefully about how to streamline systems while still maximizing positive effect for all citizens in Massachusetts. I want a leader who will bring creativity and fresh eyes to the job.

I believe that Deval Patrick has been an exceptional leader. He has led our State with incredible care, intelligence, and humanity. I believe that Baker will do the same.

Our education system is in good shape, but we can certainly grow to serve all students better. I believe that creativity, streamlined management, and greater focus on what's happening in the field every day with every teacher and student will make a positive difference. I believe that Massachusetts has many positive efforts in place, and the key is to streamline and support those efforts well so that the efforts' strengths are broadened and maximized.

I'm putting my support behind Mr. Baker because I believe that's the right vote to make right now.

I hope that my public share will not bring forth disrespectful response, however, I do welcome respectful discourse and debate.