Sunday, September 21, 2014

What's On Your Learning List?

I keep a learning list. A number of topics I want to learn about so when the time and mood matches, I learn.

The learning list comes from the places where I want to grow professionally and personally.

Currently, the list includes the following topics.

Getting to Yes
Getting Past No 

Educational Thought and Practice
Role Reversal 
Brain Rules

Unpacking 5th grade standards and embedding learning experiences that lead deep thinking, understanding, model making, explanation, and debate.

Similar to math, unpacking the standards and teaching each standard with hands-on exploration and investigation, STEAM Star connections, interdisciplinary STEAM reading and videos, writing, and presenting.

There's much to learn to teach and live well. As I state often, we're fortunate to live at a time where the learning we need and desire is close at hand.