Monday, September 29, 2014

What is Your Success Criteria for This Year's Work?

John Hattie challenges us to identify the success criteria up front for any learning endeavor.

With that in mind, what do you identify as your success criteria for this year's teaching and learning?

Identifying the success criteria helps you to stay the path of important work and effort. This is especially important when the work becomes challenging or temptations arise to take another path.

It is similarly important that the learning team understand your success criteria--the goals you're all working for.

With this in mind, and with some temptation to veer off the path, I state my success criteria below.

Math Teaching and Learning
All students will learn and reach for mastery with all grade 5 math standards.
Action: About 300 minutes of blended, differentiated math teaching/learning each week.

Science Teaching and Learning
All students will learn and reach for mastery with all 5th grade science standards.
Action: About 90 or more minutes of blended, differentiated science learning/teaching each week.

Learning to Learn
All students will develop a growth mindset and apt behaviors with respect to learning to learn.
Action: Learning to Learn lessons will be embedded into all learning experiences.

Engagement and Relationship
Learning experiences will be engaging, and the learning team will grow and establish strong, positive learning and teaching relationships.
Action: Frequent share, open lines of communication, steady response, care and attention.

Read Aloud
A steady diet of wonderful books and conversation across genre.
Action: Approximately 120 minutes a week of read aloud.

Professional Learning
I will develop and apply my understanding, knowledge, and skill with regard to mathematical thinking, math/science standards, learning design, communication skills, and presentation.