Sunday, September 28, 2014

Potential Innovation Protocol and Process

Do you have an innovation protocol and process in place in your organization?  If so, what does it look like and how does it work.

I believe that efficient, user-friendly, open innovation protocols and process are best. As long as the idea matches an organization's mission and vision, I believe it's a good idea to give the innovation time, funds, and support for review, trial, and even implementation if early stage efforts prove successful.

This is a possible model for a system-wide innovation protocol and process.

1. Identify innovation.
2. Research Innovation for the following attributes:
  • Meets system-wide mission and vision.
  • Engages users.
  • Efficient and targeted.
  • Offers metrics.
  • Grows with user.
3. Share innovation information via organization innovation share stream (vehicle?)
4. Request and obtain innovation funds and/or time if needed.
5. Try innovation out with identified trial group. Invite others who are interested to participate.
6. Note innovation impact by keeping a log, collecting numbers, and anlaysis.
7. Share data.
8. Develop innovation if numbers and impact demonstrate promise, potential, and success. 

Steady, efficient, support for innovation streams can serve to keep an organization dynamic and up-to-date. These streams invite the kind of creativity and community that help organizations thrive.

What do your innovation streams look like?  How frequent is the share and movement in these streams?  Who is included in this work?

These are important questions for education organizations today.