Sunday, September 21, 2014

#mathchat5 Update

I started #mathchat5 by jumping in. Not unlike the farmers in the dust bowl, I didn't study the ecosystem of chats and chose a time that was filled with many, many other great chats. I also chose a very narrow audience (narrow for the Internet), fifth grade math teachers.

Since there wasn't much interest for that topic at that time, I'm going to stop the effort. If there are third-sixth grade math teachers out there that are interested in a weekly chat to review the standards, SMPs, and other topics related to fifth grade math, let me know, and perhaps we can start again with a better time.

In the meantime, #mathchat exists, and can offer us a great place to "talk and learn math." Thanks to those who jumped in with me and participated. As a lover of new ideas, I can't forget about the needed steps in the planning stage which includes surveying and studying the learning landscape, and collaborating to make the learning happen with strength.

A failed attempt at something new leads to new learning--another stair on the learning staircase.