Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buddy Time: Base Ten Place Value "Hands" Model

Kindergartners are learning to write their numbers and count to ten.

Fifth graders are learning that each place on the place value chart is 10 times greater than the place to its right.

Tomorrow we'll work on both goals by creating a "hands" base 10 model.

First, fifth graders will teach buddies to write the numbers 1-10.

Next, kindergartners will write the numbers 1-10 on hand pictures with the fifth graders' help.

After that, they'll use stickers to fill more hands with the numbers 1-10.

As they write or sticker, they'll practice counting.

When the numbers are completed, kindergartners and fifth graders  will color the hands with skin shades from our skin shade crayon collection.

Finally, we'll create a model of ones, tens, hundreds, and possibly 1,000's.  We'll use the model to exemplify one way to show what the base ten place value chart represents.

Buddy time gives fifth graders and kindergartners a chance to build skill, develop friendships, and create a learning community.

The activity was a success. I wish I spent a little more time on teaching fifth graders how to teach the K-buddies as the little bit of teaching I did went a long way.  Next week I'll schedule that in since they are very capable of helping the younger children learn.