Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Twitter Inspiration

Some mornings I wake up uninspired.

Whether it's allergies, too little sleep, a nightmare, or a day's list of tasks I'm not looking forward to, I don't have my usual energy on days like this.

Yet, with coffee and the Twitter feed, I usually turn that around. I peruse Twitter looking for a few tweets that inspire me.

Today, I read Frederic Brussat's @fredericbrussat tweet with the Ghandi quote, "To punish and destroy an oppressor is merely to initiate a new cycle of violence and oppression." This made me think of those in our midst who may squelch our spirits or belittle our efforts. How can we move past that to model what we truly believe in, and try to impact our environments with positivity and strength?  A good question to ponder.

Then Mark Liddell @markliddell posted this great YouTube video with the connection to math teaching/learning mindsets. I look forward to using this video as I work with students to broaden their math perspectives and thoughts. It's the kind of video I want to watch again and again to see what's really happening.

Now as I begin today's tasks, a list of have-to's not want-to's, I'll have two good ideas to ponder.  That's the kind of inspiration Twitter can bring to your day.  Onward.