Friday, August 29, 2014

Professional Effort and Attitude

Schools of old were less structured and more informal while schools today are more formal and structured in many ways including standardized tests, professional protocols, evaluations, scheduling, and expectations.

I just read a host of mandated trainings both for the school system and for the State. The trainings included lots and lots of information. Primarily the trainings served to introduce multiple resources to guide professional work and to provide necessary information should specific issues arise related to harassment, bullying, neglect, injury, and more.

As a professional educator today, it serves you well to read the important information related to your work. It is also important to keep that information handy should you need it.  Also, it's helpful to embed the intent and protocols into your daily and weekly routines as well as your start-of-school efforts.

You can help students understand the protocols well too at the start of the year by reviewing the mandates that impact them such as anti-bullying rules and laws, school conduct codes, and academic expectations.

As you consider your professional growth and efforts, your attitude and actions matter.