Saturday, August 23, 2014

Good Work

My brother and I debated this morning. He's always a good resource for a growth producing debate. One quote from the debate that stayed with me was "Recreation is a discipline."  My brother is a big proponent of the good life and community, and with that perspective he's also a fan of the power of recreation.

We know he's not alone as research demonstrates the power that recreation has on good work and a positive mindset.

So with that in mind, I think about the balance that brings about good work.  What does it take to do your job well.  I offer the following short list:

Apt Communication and Collaboration
In the changing world of schools, this is an area of focus for me. I will be looking for the best ways to communicate and collaborate to serve children well in the new year. One resource that I've been led to is the book, Getting to Yes, which I look forward to reading.

Children First
With a continued focus on the servant leadership model, I will do all I can to put students and families first in my work. I will open the lines of communication via email, phone, and face-to-face, and make the time to focus on individuals.

With a primary focus on math and science, I'll begin to invest in learning paths that respond to these areas in relation to fifth grade studies. I'll also embed next generation test criteria and practice into these units so students are ready for the PARCC tests. Thanks to Sara Brooks for offering me a good resource in this regard. I'll also plan to participate in multiple twitter chats to grow my learning including the following:

  • #satchat: Saturday mornings 7:30-8:30
  • #edchat: Tuesday 12 noon or 7-8pm
  • #edchatma: 9/2 for next chat
  • #scichat: Tuesday 9-10pm
  • #mathchat
I plan to attend MassCUE and hope to attend Educon 2.7 and NCTM Boston if possible.

Family, Friends, and Fun
As my brother says, I hope to follow his advice, "Recreation is a Discipline."  

What does good work look like in your teaching/learning world? What else would you include?  I look forward to your share.