Sunday, August 24, 2014

Donors Choose: Support a Valuable Project for Children in Need

Celebrate the start of the year by supporting
my sister's Donors Choose project
My sister, a fourth grade teacher, and I talk daily about family, school, and life in general. While my students benefit from tremendous support, many of her students struggle for a large number of reasons. For this reason, school dollars are distributed differently, and her students do not have the amazing tech tools in class that my students benefit from every day.

Last year she told me a story of a very bright child who was frustrated, and as I listened to the story, I felt sad as that same student in my class would have had multiple ways to build his knowledge thanks to the terrific individualized tech access we have at our school.

Similarly, many of her students have not had the opportunity to learn about the world in broader, more visual ways. In fact, one of her students was surprised to find out that President Obama was an African American--a fact that instilled pride and confidence in that student.

Her students are bright and eager like my students. Her students want to succeed like my students, and her students' families reach out to support their children with love and care like my students' families do. However, due to multiple economic factors, some of her students don't have access to the same learning tools that my students have.

You can help these students out.  If 100 people give $10. each, her students will have new tools that will help them achieve and succeed. Their future will be stronger due to the knowledge and skill these tools help to support.

Just yesterday The Gates Foundation funded half of my sister's grant, and I hope that others will fund the next half so that her students will have greater opportunity this year. Like many of you, my sister has been a dedicated teacher for a long time, and this would be a great way to honor her service and support students in need. Thank you!