Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Teach Well: Broaden Your Horizons

Yesterday I had the opportunity to explore the world of music via the Internet. With a couple of free hours I simply explored the work of multiple artists and genre. I collected a few favorites on a YouTube playlist. I thought about the intersection of film and music, the vibrancy of multiple cultures, and the artists themselves.

I also realized how often we get stuck in same patterns and routines which reduce our reach and understanding. In the past, our stretch was limited due to the fact that it took a lot of time or resources to find and buy books related to new ideas, visit another country, or attend a concert. Today it's still expensive to do those things, however, the Internet provides us with an efficient and low cost way to "travel," attend amazing events, and make collections of the work that inspire, entertain, and informs us.

The Internet will never replace the real world experience of attending a conference, visiting another country, or experiencing new skills and knowledge first hand, however the Internet does serve to broaden our horizons, whet our appetites, and help us understand the world around us with greater depth and care.

Therefore, take an hour or so, and go on a virtual adventure using the multiple platforms available. That experience will enrich your world and better prepare you to teach children well.