Friday, July 18, 2014

Study Shelves: The Learning Kitchen

My kitchen shelves are mostly organized by type of food. There's a place for spices, canned goods, cereal, cups and dishes, and more.

Similarly, my learning/teaching websites are organized by topic, pedagogy, skill, and concept.

When I shop, I put food away on the matching shelf, and when I read and research, I put the information on the matching website or page.

Then when it's time to cook, I pull together all the necessary ingredients from the kitchen shelves, and when it's time to teach, I gather the right information from the website pages.

A kitchen is set up for good nutrition, cooking, and family meals. An educator's online sites are created for worthy learning design, teaching, and the learning community share.

What is your kitchen design like? Does your kitchen lend itself to happy, healthy family meals?What are your online "rooms" (websites) like? Do they invite dynamic, joyful learning?