Thursday, July 31, 2014

Social Media: The Global Intersection of Thought and Effort

One reasons I like the Twitter and Google+ share is the intersection of thought and effort it brings. Via Twitter and Google+ I get to entertain the thoughts and work of people in multiple disciplines, geographic locations, age, and lifestyle.

This intersection broadens my work, outlook, and vision, and enables me to step into the lives of many which in turn helps me to serve the broad array of students I teach each day.

As I move forward with social media share, I want to be on the lookout for those voices across discipline that strengthen my skills, abilities, and vision, voices that challenge me to learn more, understand better, and develop so that I can do my best work and live a good life.

Like never before, we have the opportunity to share in global speak and decision making, an opportunity well outlined in this Boston Globe editorial, "Five Principals for an Open Itnernet," yesterday.