Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Numbers That Matter: Providing a Mathematical Context

Students need to understand where they stand with respect to numbers that matter, numbers such as population, size, and measurement.

Further, students enjoy working with numbers that matter, numbers that describe their environment. Working with numbers like that make the learning meaningful and relevant.

So to prepare for the math year ahead you can begin to make a collection of numbers that matter, numbers such as school population statistics, state statistics, height figures, distance amounts, land area, and more.

Have students illustrate and write about those numbers and keep a chart of those numbers handy online and offline so students can use those numbers as they write word problems, craft mathematical arguments, and discuss relationships amongst and between values.

Here's a draft of my Numbers that Matter list. I'll add to this list in the days to come prior to the start to the school year. What numbers will you include on your list?