Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Consider Supporting the Stars Around Us

A compassionate and talented alumni of WPS,
Misha Chowdhury, rehearses for his upcoming musical,
Before and After
How do we support the stars in our midst?

What can we do to forward the mission and vision of our students past and present?

Increasingly I'm becoming involved in organizations like DonorsChoose and Kickstarter--organizations that promote innovators' dreams.

While I'm not wealthy like a venture capitalist, I like this simple way of being part of someone's dream. I enjoy supporting ideas and people that I believe in--ideas and people who are change agents in our world.

My donations won't extend that far, but in the past year I had the chance to support two artists from my school system--students who have moved on and are in the midst of writing plays and musicals. I'm happy to be part of their continued growth.

Next weekend, one student will present his musical. If you'd like to support him, here's the link.

Crowdsource funding sites like Kickstarter and DonorsChoose give ordinary individuals a chance to help decide our world's direction in small, but important ways. If you have a few extra dollars, I suggest you give these sites and others like them a try.

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