Monday, July 28, 2014

Consider a Donation: Students in Need

My sister has been a challenging and profitable education coach for me. I talk to her almost daily, and most often our conversations turn to education consult, debate, and stories.

Over the past few years I have been disappointed to hear about her students lack of access to technology. When she tells me stories, I recognize that if she had a set of computers, her students' access to learning would be greater.

What makes me even more interested in this need is the fact that many of her students represent families where the parents have not had the privilege of a college education or access to the kinds of tech tools that could support their children's education well.

With this in mind, my sister wrote a Donor's Choose grant proposal to fund computers for her classroom. Therefore, if you have a few extra dollars or know of a foundation or group that's looking to support high quality education at the student level, please take a look at her proposal and fund her grant. If you don't have the money at this time, it would be great if you'd retweet this request.

I know her students will be delighted to get these tools, and I know she'll be similarly pleased to be able to offer her students regular access to the great online tools available.  Thank you for your consideration.