Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wayland Math Institute: Unpack the Standards

Today at the Wayland Math Institute, I'll lead a small group of educators in a series of lesson design steps to develop engaging standards-based math lessons.

We'll start with introductions and share. I'll ask each participant to share their grade level and school as well as an area of strength and area of challenge when it comes to learning design. Then I'll suggest that when we use a comprehensive process of lesson design, students benefit.

I'll bring participants on a communication "road trip" as we navigate to the school site, classroom website, math website, and presentation website.

John Hattie's book significantly
impacted my ability to teach well. 
Next, we'll watch a warm-up video, then review grade-level standards. Each teacher will identify one standard to focus on as we each design a blended, learning experience related to the standard.

After that, I'll introduce teachers to a lesson design template that we'll use to design the lesson. Teachers will copy and paste the standard into their online copy of the template.

Once educators have added the standard and title to their lesson design Google doc, we'll then unpack the standards and create lessons with a step-by-step collaborative process including sharing ideas and learning along the way.

Finally, we'll share and critique each other's lesson plan drafts.

I will be very interested to learn educators' thoughts and ideas with regard to learning design in general and specifically with regard to this learning design process.