Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Last Day 2014

In many ways, this video reflects the way we started the year. It is a video of one of the first spirited moments the class spent together.

Now today, we have come full circle.

Today is students' last day of school.

The big events, special presentations, tests, and projects are past.

It's a day of clean-up and mostly quiet celebration and care.

The year was jam-packed with great learning and lots of family and collegial support. The learning community rallied to support each child, and that's awesome!

Now we're all ready for a change of pace--a time to let the year's learning sink in, and time to ready for another great year of learning to come.

Final Notes:
The last day went as planned.

We met as a school and celebrated the year's accomplishments as well as looked forward to next year's changes and promise.

We cleaned the class and met as a team to distributed end-of-year folders, reports, and more.

We celebrated with a picnic "birthday" party including a student-created Yankee swap.

Time for play, finishing The Lorax Movie (a great match for our environmental theme at fourth grade), and then of course music. A few children and a teacher played as part of our final celebration. After that, we clapped out the fifth graders.  A wonderful ending to a wonderful teaching/learning year.

These films show some of our final, signature moments. Moments that demonstrate a year that came full circle beginning and ending with music that reflects the spirit, energy, and promise Team 15 2013-2014 exemplifies.