Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Reflection: Teaching Well

"We do not learn from experience. . . .
we learn from reflecting on experience."
                                                                                              - John Dewey

If you have a strong desire to teach well, and like me, want to understand the elements related to this with depth, please join me on a journey of summer reflection. Acknowledging the promise our work holds, the advantage of preparation, and the realization that good work requires time and study are reasons to participate in this endeavor.

Reflection One: Know Subject Matter
During this journey, I will revisit 33 elements related to teaching well--elements outlined in the Massachusetts' New Evaluation System for educators, and elements that have worth for all educators, not just educators in Massachusetts.

Last summer, I analyzed these elements with depth, and this summer I will revisit the elements with a broader, but more targeted, reflection process. Each day, I will revisit one element. I will outline the element, provide reflection questions, and share a brief reflection related to my work as a model.

Whether you are a teacher in training, new teacher, or veteran educator like me, if you'd like to join this journey, please visit the Summer Reflection: TeachFocus website, read, and reflect regularly. Last year's efforts resulted in increased skill, but as we all know to teach well is a limitless proposition so I return again to reflect during summer days to gain greater strength and better practice for the year ahead. 

Don't hesitate to comment if you have questions or ideas. I look forward to traveling this learning path with you.