Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Folders: Family Reflection and Learning Plans

Students will take home all supplies and materials before the last day. Then on their last day they'll take home their summer folders. The folders will include the following:
  • A Letter from the Teacher
  • A Quote Poster to Inspire Future Learning
  • Curriculum Links and Notes from the Teacher and Curriculum Leaders
  • The Progress Report
  • Students' Reflection Letter and TEAM Research Reflections
I'll encourage families to put the folder away until a quiet half hour when parent(s) and child can sit down and review the contents, then talk about summer study, the past year, and the year ahead. 

I recommend that parents make this a special reflection meeting between child and parent--a time to think and talk together about a child's current and future learning and effort. 

The choreography of the school year includes time for reflection, planning, learning, and sharing. When done well the year is orchestrated in a way that promotes confidence, academic growth, and community. A beginning to end momentum that impacts a child's life with significance.