Saturday, June 28, 2014

Embarking on a Learning Path: INSPIRE

Next fall, I'll lead students early in the year as they design learning paths, paths that answer their questions and respond to passion and interest.

This summer, I'll embark on the process myself with the topic of INSPIRE: Invent, Nurture, Survive, Pioneer, Investigate, Research, and Explore. This will be the year-long theme for my classroom.

I'll use the learning cycle below to guide my path design, a learning cycle culled from Hattie's book, Visible Learning for Teachers, Maximizing Impact on Learning.
The Process Begins:

1. Desire/Need for Learning:
I want to engage students in a year-long theme that matches the standards in an interdisciplinary way and also gives them a concept to hold onto as they move forward in life. Therefore, I chose the INSPIRE theme. My desire and need for learning now is to dig deep and find out what it means to INSPIRE as I learn about the lives of inventors, nurturers, survivors, pioneers, investigators, researchers, and explorers.
Learning Path Template

2. Success Criteria
Successful navigation of this path will look like the following:
  1. Definitions of each term and quotes that exemplify each term. Classroom posters that display the definitions and quotes.
  2. A learning path template that students can use to chart their own learning design path.
  3. Classroom STEAM center that will provide students will the tools and materials for INSPIRE.
  4. First lessons for INSPIRE delivery and facilitation.
  5. Designing my own INSPIRE path. 
  6. Determining which biography picture books will inform this study. 
3. What is my Baseline?
I know that in the world today, one has to understand the INSPIRE mindset as one has to be able to navigate the boundless information and opportunity to invent learning paths as well as tools and objects to support the journey as it will be a world of unexpected twists and turns. One also has to be able to nurture, nurture relationships as we can't travel the path well if we only travel alone. One also has to be able to survive, and to survive we will need to adapt to the ecosystems we live in.  We will also need to be learners who investigate, research, and explore as we pioneer new paths and relationships in our lives. Therefore INSPIRE is a mindset, a knowledge base, and a guide for living in our world today--a world that demands us to be leaders of our lives rather than followers of others' lives. I know this from my reading about and observation of the world today, and I understand the strength the stories that INSPIRE leaders both today and from the past can bring to this journey for learners young and old. 

4. What strategies will I use to lead this goal.
I'll start with lots of research and reading. As I read and research, I'll create templates to guide student study. I'll reflect and revise along the way. In the end, I'll share the unit with students, and then reflect and revise once again. Throughout the students' journey, I'll attend to the details of the study. 

5. Act
I'll research, write, and create throughout the summer days. I'll share my outcome on this post. 

The remaining steps will come in time.