Wednesday, May 28, 2014

TEAM Research #14: Wonderful WeVideo

As our TEAM Research project nears its final chapter, it's time to make our WeVideo film. At first each team was going to make their own film, but now we're going to make one collective film. The object of our film is to introduce the animal reservations, animals, and each service learning sale as part of our endangered species study.

So at first each group will write and complete a short script for filming.  The script will basically relay a message like this:

"We studied the _______________________ in ____________________, a reservation that saves the ________________________. You can help by buying ____________________________ at our Wednesday and Thursday Sale.
Where in the world is the reservation and animals you studied?

I'll encourage teams to write the text in a clever way and then act it out with enthusiasm in front of their display.

I'll also ask each team to craft three slides using Google draw:
  • One slide will show and name the reservation with a map showing and naming where in the world the reservation is.
  • The next slide will show and name the animals studied, and 
  • The final slide will show their sale items. 
The students can easily share their slides with me on Google.

I'll put the entire film together on my WeVideo account.

A small group of students will write a script and introduce the film at our school assembly.

This will be a fun project for a cool, wet morning of school.