Thursday, May 08, 2014

Room Revision: TEAM Research 2014 #1

Today we'll start the day with standardized tests, and end the day with room revision.

As we move from lots of test prep and direct content to project base learning, we'll also change the look and feel of the room.

Our room will take on the feel and look of a design studio.  Each project team will have their own space including desks, a bulletin board, and an assortment of other classroom shelves and furniture.

Today's revision will start with a desk clean-up.  Students will bring home notebooks and folders that we're done using, and clean up their desks to best support project base learning.

After that, we'll move the big tables to the center of the room so we have a space for all student meetings.  Then we'll move the desks to project spaces.  Students will start their collaboration by creating maps of what they want their space to look like.

Tomorrow students' research will begin.

Afterward: Here are some pictures from the transformation.

Room Transformation, then research begins.