Saturday, May 10, 2014

Learning Progression

I immerse myself in learning links, posts, conversations, and books that introduce me to nuggets of ideas that take root, intersect, and develop.

"Learning like Russian nesting dolls"




The ideas that pique my interest take hold, and eventually gain strength.

I've come to expect learning in all spheres to look like a child's first steps--a progression of approximations never fully realized, but always gaining strength when right process, curation, and care are added to the mix.

The key is to let the learning streams flow, and to rid the tributaries of new ideas and actions of old time obstacles--obstacles that we now realize to be anything but paths to learning.

Hence, in the months to come I'll cull the learning garden further by replacing old thought and outdated, unsupported actions with new, well-researched endeavor in an effort to provide a deeper, richer, more positive and beneficial learning experience to teach children well.