Sunday, April 27, 2014

Standards of Mathematical Practice Rubric

How will I assess my students' growth with regard to their ability to embed the Standards of Mathematical Practice (SMPs) into their math learning and problem solving.  The Standards definitely provide students with a lens for critical thinking and detailed, deep problem solving.

As with most teaching practices, the key is to embed the learning objectives into the fabric of the classroom days, weeks, months, and year. Make the practices a natural activity, a regular practice, a common way of looking at learning in math and across disciplines.

I made an initial rubric to guide students' learning and provide criteria for collective problem solving and investigation in math.  I'll start the process by conducting a three to four day lesson sequence that relates to the math problem below.  The problem is open ended and will result in multiple responses from students.  I want to start with this broad problem as it will give us the chance, as a class, to thoughtfully consider each action in the SMP progression rubric below.

How are you teaching and assessing the SMPs in your classroom?  Have you tried a progression of skill approach?  I look forward to sharing this investigation with my students.  Let me know if you try this out, or if you've facilitated a similar learning experiences.

The Problem

The Rubric
Enlarge to view with greater clarity.